Redneck Festival

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I have never been attracted to the “redneck” lifestyle, but when my friend Nancy invited me to attend the Redneck “Blank” Pig Roast and Music Festival with her, I thought, why not? YOLO. It looked like fun. Three days of redneck events in the remote town of Hebron, Maine. It was previously known as the “Redneck Olympics,” but the U.S. Olympic committee challenged Brooks, the organizer, on the use of the name.

Courtesy of Redneck Maine

Courtesy of Redneck Maine

We had the pleasure of meeting Harold Brooks, a very nice laid-back man. This redneck event was covered by “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” last year, and this year the History Channel filmed the event.

Nancy and I planned on camping out for the weekend. However, our amazing and generous friend offered to pay for a motel room instead. She didn’t think it was good for me to be camping with my medical conditions. What a sweetheart!

We arrived early on Friday, but there was really nothing on the itinerary. People were there to get settled camping and drive their four-wheelers around. A beer tent and concession tent were set up, as well as various other tents selling redneck souvenirs. We had a good laugh at some of the treasures we could have purchased. Read the rest of this entry »

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