Being a Minimalist

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The acquisition of material goods doesn’t bring about happiness. In fact I believe the contrary to be true. Stephanie Rosenbloom wrote an article about happiness in the New York Times. She writes:


New studies of consumption and happiness show that people are happier when they spend money on experiences instead of material objects, when they relish what they plan to buy long before they buy it, and when they stop trying to outdo the Joneses. Current research suggests that, unlike consumption of material goods, spending on leisure and services typically strengthens social bonds, which in turn helps amplify happiness.

One major finding is that spending money for an experience produces longer-lasting satisfaction than spending money material goods. I would much rather put my money toward concert tickets, French lessons, guitar lessons, science classes, camping trips, and excursions to Europe or other countries. As professor Elizabeth W. Dunn (University of British Columbia) said: If money doesn’t make you happy then you probably aren’t spending it right.” We can reminisce about our experiences. Interestingly, no matter how many less-than-pleasant experiences come with it, we often remember the experience as a whole in a rosy, positive light. Read the rest of this entry »

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Happy Birthday to Me

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I turned 36 yesterday. Where has the time gone? I looked in the mirror, but I didn’t look any different than I did the day before when I was still 35. (Hayley thought I might.) omelet

Brent didn’t like the idea of me cooking for myself on my birthday, but I told him that is what I wanted to do. I made a delicious omelet for breakfast with fresh spinach, parsley, mushrooms, red pepper, scallions, basil, and Monterrey Jack cheese.

Brent took me shopping at Express and helped me pick out some hot summer tops. I found a summer dress at Victoria’s Secret, and some bath products and panties–my idea, not his. :-)

The forecast yesterday was 72 degrees and clear, and I have been wanting to go to the beach. We packed up all our gear and headed for our beach in Saco. The sky was clear, but it didn’t feel like 72 degrees. The ocean breeze must have cooled it down a bit. We ate the curried cranberry chicken salad sandwiches I’d packed for lunch (see recipe below) and headed home shortly after that.

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