Welcome to the cogitations of Kirsten Uhler.

Cogitation (noun)
1. concerted thought or reflection; meditation; contemplation: After hours of cogitation he came up with a new proposal.
2. the faculty of thinking: She was a serious student and had a great power of cogitation.
3. a thought; design or plan: to jot down one’s cogitations.

I am working at Maine Medical Center as a nursing unit secretary in both the CICU and the step-down cardiology units. I earned my CNA certificate, and I graduated in May 2012 with a BS in nursing from the the University of Southern Maine. I absolutely love New England, and Maine is the perfect place for my family. We love the climate, and enjoy camping, hiking, and exploring the gorgeous coast.

Who am I? I enjoy reading for the purpose of learning, enlightenment, and research. I’m fascinated by science (particularly forensics, pathology, and neuroscience), philosophy, and psychology. I’ll hardly ever pass up dark chocolate…so don’t tempt me! I’m also partial to hummus, red wine, and Guinness. I have a hard time getting through a Jack Handey quote without laughing. I like trying new things and having new experiences. I’d love to travel the world and immerse myself in a variety of different cultures. I really enjoy spending time with my family. Simply hanging out and reading at the book store, coffee shop, or on the coast by the lighthouse is my favorite activity.

Well that’s me…..and I’m OK. :-)